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St. John Street, Coleford from Sparrow Hill.

A photo of St John St., Coleford from Sparrow Hill

Gareth thinks that this photo of the centre of Coleford was taken in the 1950's.

Gill Knowles added: "... I would agree that this was probably taken in the fifties, my teenage years. The pub on the right at the start of Boxbush Rd was run by Mr and Mrs Hinton. Looking into St John's St, the grocery shop Pont and Adams is on the right of the picture, and the coffee tavern to the left. Other shops I remember in that street were Hunts furniture, a cobbler, SHACS, Mr Wells butcher, and at the bottom, Mrs Barnards little sweet shop. Happy memories of growing up in Coleford".

Brian Neale added:"... One of my cousins worked in ... (Terrett Taylor'*) the iron mongers, in Coleford, way back in time".

*The building they were in is now shared by the Sue Ryder charity shop and Kaplan's cafe.

Dave Nash added: "... ,half way down St.John''s Street the sign can be seen for the swan public house,the landlord was Ken Williams.The cobbler I remember was Les Young".

Terry Harper added: "... Looking down St John's Street, you can see the sign of the White Swan on the right. The pub at the bottom of Boxbush Road was the Masons' Arms. Just out of sight would be Miles' Dairy on the right. Also out of sight on the left are Lawrence's Fish and Chip shop, the Salvation Army and the Coffee Tavern, with the billiards room above. Nearer to us, hidden behind the Masons' Arms would be Raymond's Stores, to the right of the Tram Road. Sparrow Hill used to be the main road down from Berry Hill Pike until Sunnybank was built after the war. As I recall, Norma Clark lived in the building on the left with the archway leading to the rear".

Sally-Anne Hinton added (March 2019): "... The pub mentioned run by the Hinton’s (Fred & Iris) was called the Masons Arms".

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