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George and Anne Brown (nee Davis) who may have lived at Lydney Park?

George Brown, huntsman for 7th Earl Bathurst

A photo of Anne Davis

Top - George Brown, Huntsman for Earl Bathurst of Cirencester,
Bottom - Anne Brown nee Davis.

Cilla is researching her family which has a connection with the Lydney area:

"My great grandfather George Brown b.1854, who married Anne Davis probably in 1875, was Huntsman to the 6th Earl Bathurst, at the Bathurst Estate at Cirencester Park in the 1890s. .... The Earl kindly ... sent me another photo of G Brown (attached). However he had no idea where he went after leaving the Bathurst Estate, probably at the end of 1898". 

"We were always told that George Brown had lost his wife Anne’s land in Ireland when he signed it over to the parish priest when he was worse for wear!  We do know that Anne had been taken in by the Viscount at Lydney  as some sort of retainer after George Brown either died, or left, probably towards the end of the 19th century, or maybe he was working there too, or went elsewhere to work. I’m pretty sure he didn’t die, as some of the letters from Gloucestershire to my Grandma Florence talk about ‘Dad’ (i.e. George Brown).

My grandmother, Florence Amy Brown b. 1885 - Anne and George Brown's daughter, also lived at Lydney, we think on the estate of Charles Bathurst - the future Viscount Lord Bledisloe, who later became Governor General of New Zealand. Charles Bathurst visited my grandmother Florence in the early 1930's in Nelson, New Zealand, where she had emigrated in with her husband Robert McKenzie Reeves (b.1881) in 1920". Florence

"....  I know that the family stayed in the Lydney area because there are letters and photos of family members from Gloucestershire that came down to me after my Grandmother Florence died in 1971. Florence possibly had sisters Ruth and Alice and at least one brother Edward. I know one of her brothers was a jockey and another may have gone to America.The photos I have are of people called May ,Sadie, June, Lionel and Nancy, Lacey, with children named Peter and John and Peggy, and most of the letters are from the end of Worrld War 1 to perhaps the late 1950s".

I’m not sure if Anne went by the name of Davis or Brown when she went to Lydney, but at times she was called Anne or Annie Brown Davis. 

"Does anyone have any knowledge of George Brown's family in the area?. I am visiting the UK in June (2018) and would love to meet some relatives".

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