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Two Lydney? photos.

Two photos showing People from the Lydney area

Wendy's comments are in quotes.

Top photo (photo 1): "Does anyone know the occasion please? I think it is in Lydney".

All those at back: 1 Mrs Edwards,, 2,Olly Edwards, 3 ?,4 Mrs Dorrington, 5 Charlie Dorrington, 6 ?, 7 Jack Fox, 8 Fred Baker.
Middle Row (seated with backs to camera) from left to right 1 ?, 2 Viv James, 3 Brian Long 4 Mrs Jose Long, 5 , 6 .
At Front (L-R): 1,2,3,4,5

David Watson added: "... 1. ? 2. My father Fred Watson. 3. Ron Day (kept shop at Tutnalls) 4. Ted Cooper.
Fred Watson and Ted Cooper came to Lydney in 1948/50 to start up Duramin Emgineering in Lydney".

Peter Essex added: "... I can't put a name to any of the faces except for an extremely vague recollection of someone saying the man furthest right on the photo, sitting end on, might be Russell Jordan. He worked at Lydney Co-op butcher's department and was organist at Springfield Methodist Church in the 1950s/60s. The only known photo of him on sungreen - if he's identical - occurs at - Primrose Hill Cricket club, 1940s. (In the late 1940s Frank Essex was Vice-President of that club.) Neither do I recognise the premises, but in some ways they are suggestive of a church hall. I can't now picture the back rooms at Springfield. There appears to be a door with an arched top on the left of the photo. The piano has a volume on the top which just might be a full music hymn book, and it looks as if the piano cover may have been removed and tossed onto the window sill behind the piano, suggesting that something was sung on this occasion. The presence of wine glasses, however, suggests that, if it was a church hall at all, it was not a Methodist church hall, or shouldn't have been at that time! And there appear to be small coffee cups of the kind you wouldn't normally find among church crockery. There are apparently three Crabbes in the photo, but I can't recall that surname. I did find material saying that an Alfred Crabbe of Lydney enlisted in 1914 at the approximate age of 20 and was then a wartime police reservist in WW2. Looking at how the people and tables are kitted out, I'm wondering if it was a wedding reception or anniversary. But whose?".

Len Cooksley added (January 2016): "... I believe this is an Albany Eng annual dinner possibly held at the Feathers Lydney ...".

Bottom photo (photo 2) : " Can anyone identify the occasion please ? Front row 4th from the left is my uncle, Arthur Crabbe. He was pretty good at darts so I am guessing that is what is was about".

All those standing at back: 1 Fred Haines 2 Clive Lucas 3 Dennis Hancock (Foreman), 4 Harry Hopkins (striped tie), 5 Bill Merrett 6 Fred Dagger Price
At Front (seated L-R): 1 Harry Thomas ,2 Jack Wildin, 3 Mr Ted Wallace, 4 Arthur Crabbe, 5 Ralph Evans.

Jon Mills added: "... the man behind Mr Wallace is my great uncle Harry Hopkins who was a single man. I remember he always wore a hearing aid and lived with my Grand mother, his sister Mrs Lilian Beverstock".

Thanks also to Harry Davis, Joyce Baxter and Coiln Henderson who added that this was a Watts Tyre Centre group.

More people from the Lydney area?

(photo 3) "I am pretty sure these are Lydney people but does anyone know this motley crew ? (Photo is very old)"

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