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Scouts and cubs 1963 - 1st. Aylburton and Lydney boy Scouts, Cubs and Sea Scouts

Photo of Lydney scouts, sea scouts and cubs in Bathurst Park.

"The picture was taken on the bandstand in Bathurst Park, and we think the year was 1964 but we are not 100% sure, it could be a year either way".
"The picture includes the 1st.Aylburton and Lydney Boy Scouts, Cubs and Sea Scouts along with some of the senior helpers, I have some names but not all, I will give the names from left to right starting on the bottom row ... "

Row 4. (all the boys standing at the back L-R): 1.David Crabbe, 2.Andrew Woodhead 3. Phil Saunders. 4. David Parker. 5. Mike Hale. 6. David Emery.7.? 8 Maurice Baker, 9 Kieth Wilding 10. Phil Taylor. 11.? 12. Roger Edwards.
Row 3. 1. Holding the standard Mark Woodhead, 2 .Chris Dobbs. 3. Michael Powell 4.Roger Thorne 5. Martin Horsepool. 6 Michael Jardine, 7. Robert Vaughan 8, 9 Martin Connelly, 10 Clive Allen
Row 2. 1.Michael Savage 2. Michael Lewis. 3.? 4.? 5. Philip Cooper. 6. Steve Smith. 7. Martin James.
Bottom - Row. 1.Robert Ward. 2.? 3. Alan Robertson. 4. Paul Mudway. 5. Geoffrey Fincham. 6. Ian Wilkins. 7. Mike Edge 8. Robert Overington. 9.Kevin Howells.

The Scout Leaders standing left to right are Michael Butcher, Ron Day, Tony Butcher. The lady I can't recall then the suited man is Sid Nunn.

David Essex added: "... Row 4 second from left is Andrew Woodhead and Row 3, holding the standard, is his brother Mark, who both lived in Victoria Road, Lydney. I think this is a year or two earlier than 1964 (the year I left LGS), as I believe Tony Butcher joined the Royal Navy well before then, though I'm not sure. I was a Sea Scout and remember Ron Day with great affection. Great to see David Parker, who I was at the Church School with".

Michael Lewis added (February 2021): "Miss Jones stood next to Sid Nunn was also our teacher in primary school and later married Maurice Thomas also one of our teachers, I remember them courting in the break times".

Thanks also to Andy Wyman, Brian Reece and to Mike Edge who added (July 2014) "... both were in my class at Lydney Junior School. The lady was our Teacher at school, though I don't remember her name. She moved at the end of that summer, so it would be 1963".

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