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Pritchard Family

Family photos of Alan Sterry of Lydney

Peter wrote: "... This set of photographs was among many left by Alan Sterrey of Lydney when he died in August 2014. It appears to show members of the Pritchard family because on the back of the one with the whole family (D), in what seems to be Alan's writing, it says "The Pritchard Family" and because there are resemblances to the Pritchards who appear in several photos on this site, particularly those of a wedding party at Blistors. Bream. Has anybody got a firmer idea of their identities and names? The best-known was probably John Frederick Pritchard who owned the Lydney Coal Company. He had 12 siblings of whom Clara Ann Pritchard married Henry Sterrey. They were the late Alan's grandparents and my great-grandparents. However despite such numerous Pritchards we don't know of any who had four children, especially girls, who lived long enough to be those in the family photo".

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