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St Marys Church Choir in 1951.

An old photo of St Mary's church choir fron the 1950's

Row.5 F George, A Davies, G Merrett, A Turner, G Imm, R Slee, C Virgo, F Wintle, O Thomas, S Thomas,
Row.4 Dr. C O Carson - church warden (with staff), F Haddock, K Cox, D Rees, Arthur Laycock, H Seabright F W Wild,
Row.3 G Sysum, Michael Leatheren, Peter Harris, Carl Cox, E Cox, Anthony Butcher, Brian Aplin, Robert Winsor, Lance Hulin, Brian Robins, John Dyal, John Davies, D Merrett, M Williams, D Soutar, Trevor Wintle, W Allaway, (Cross-Bearer)
Row 2 (sitting on chairs) 1 A Hodges, 2 B J Emery, 3 Rev. R J Blakeway-Phillips B A, 4 Rev. D H Hallet B A, 5 Rev, R C Foster B Sc, 6 A W Bullock (church organist)
Row 1 (sitting on the ground) 1 D Sims, 2 M Williams, 3 G Smith, 4 John Wilcox, 5 Michael Robbins, 6 Jimmy Rodgers, 7 A Soutar, 8 Cledwin Davis

Thanks to Graham Long who provided the names and date from a copy of the photo.

Choir Master was Dr Brambell who was not in the photo.

Thanks also to Bob Windsor, Michael Robbins and Yvonne Hill.

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