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Workmen at St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire c. 1911

A photo of St Briavels Castle taken around 1911

The mount on the photo says F. G, Kear. St. Briavels, Coleford, Glos.

Mrs Campbell who lived at the castle as a private resident was the mother of John Vaughan Campbell V.C. Lieutenant colonel Campbell was know in the popular press as the Tally Ho V.C

Jeff Jones added: "... , I thought you might also be interested in this which mentions Mrs Campbell a few decades later. "ST BRIAVELS CASTLE, originally built for the purpose of keeping back the incursions of the Welsh, has been restored and is now the residence of the Hon. Mrs Campbell; the keep, built in the reign of Henry I, fell from age in 1752; the existing buildings, dating from 1276, include the entrance towers which are still entire, as well as the kitchen and the chapel or oratory, erected in 1300. The Crown is Lord of the Manor. The principal landowner's are Surgn.-Capt. Octavious William Andrews C.B.E.; RN and Richard John Pryce-Jenkyn Esq. JP. The soil is light and loamy; subsoil-limestone and sandstone. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and beans. This area, including Hudnalls, is 4,777 acres of land and inland water, 11 of tidal water and 2 of foreshore.; the population in 1921 was 1,210 in the civil and 690 in the ecclesiastical parish. Sexton, William Williams. Brockweir, a hamlet on the banks of the Wye, is partly in the parish and also in Hewlsfield and Woolaston. Bearse Common, Forest Fence and the Fence, Hudnalls with St Briavels Common, Mocking Hazel Wood and the Castle, all in the civil parish, are reputed to be extra-parochial for ecclesiastical purposes." (From Kelly's Trade Directory of 1931).

Another V.C. holder, Vice-Admiral Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, came to live in the village in the 1920s. As Captain Carpenter he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in the Battle of Zeebrugge during the First World War. During the Second World War he commanded the 17th (Wye Valley) Battalion of the Gloucestershire Home Guard. He died at his home, Chantersluer, St Briavels, on 27 December 1955. From

Brian Neale added: "... I believe that one of my relations who lived in the Forest got married in the St Briavels castle many years ago"

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