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Brockweir around 1900 and a Brockweir family.

image: Brockweir around 1900.

Top: a view of Brockweir from around 1900.
Bottom: A photo taken in Brockweir by Monmouth photographer W. A. Call, which he entitled "A Cottage Madonna".
Jo added: "On the back of this postcard, someone has written 'Selina Williams and her children. Some of her children live at Tintern'".

In the 1901 census a family is listed as living at Brockweir "under the hill" as follows:

Christopher Williams (Head) age 29, born St Briavels, general labourer,
Selina Williams (Wife) age 30, born Trelleck,
Winifred (daughter) age 6, born Trelleck,
Violet (daughter) age 5, born Trelleck, born St Briavels
Sarah age 3, born St Briavels.
Evelyn age 3 months, born St Briavels.

In the above photo are 4 children - so we may guess that front right may be Winifred, back left might be Sarah, back right may be Violet and the baby (just the feet visible) may be Evelyn.

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