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Gaffer Davis of Ruspidge, Gloucestershire with his family.

A photo of Gaffer Davis with his sons

George "Gaffer" Davis of Ruspidge with his 7 sons.

David Bick's book "The Old Industries of Dean" shows men at Wigpool mine and describes a distinctive man with a beard as "said to be Capt. Pringle, a local mine owner". As can be seen from this page, this is unlikley to be true.

From these family photos and his family history, Conrad can identify the man in question as George ('Gaffer') Davis.

Conrad wrote: "... The old fella with the beard is my great grandfather George (Gaffer) Davis who managed the gold mine (at Wigpool). He married Edith Hopkins whose brother was one of the lads who killed the Bears! He left his gales to my Grandfather Fred ... The family lived at Ruspidge. My mother remembered him well. There is another postcard of the men in about 1904 which I have. I think he is buried at St Johns. ..."

A photo of Gaffer Davis of Ruspidge and his wife.

George ('Gaffer') Davis when younger with his wife Edith (nee Hopkins) and one of the sons.

"My Uncle Norman Davis who had a butchers shop for years opposite the Coop in Cinderford was so angry about David Bick's identification of the Gaffer that he tried to find him to punch him in the eye in the best Forest tradition! I've got some of George Davis's accounts which show how little men and boys were paid".
"George Davis went to live with my grandparents after his wife died and my mother was very fond of him. My grandmother's wedding ring was said to be made of gold from the mine but my mother wasn't sure of this. George managed other pits including Crawshay's ( ? ) mine at Buckshaft. I think that my grandfather Fred was the only one of George's sons to go down the pits. I remember my Gramp saying about me ' I don't want that boy going down the pits'".

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