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Group of miners at the Forest of Dean Gold Mine, Wigpool.

An old image of workers at a gold mine in the Forest of Dean.

This postcard shows the infamous Forest of Dean gold mine. The text at the bottom looks to be - Copyright Group of Miners Gold Mine Forest of Dean.

Penny wrote : "... I found the above postcard in with my collection of family photos. According to my father one side of his family (named Caulton & Waterhouse) came from the Forest of Dean. However, I have not yet found any evidence of this ...".

The man with the bushy beard standing in the doorway of the left hand "tin" building is named in David Bick's book "The Old Industries of Dean" as "said to be Capt. Pringle, a local mine owner".

Although plenty of shares in the gold mine were sold, no-one "struck it rich". The Gold Mine is described in this wikipedia article. On the basis of this the photo can therefore be dated to 1906 or 1907.

Capt. Pringle In 1906/7 was in India, then moved over to Rhodesia. He was not based in Forest of Dean until 1915/16 and did not have anything to do with any mines in the Forest of Dean until about 1919 so the man with the bushy beard is unlikely to be Capt. Pringle of Longhope.

The man is now identified on this page with family photos of Conrad Sheward.

Thanks also to Conrad Sheward and Jo Phelps.

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